Pierides Museum

Pierides Museum is believed to the oldest private museum in Cyprus and currently hosts approximately 2,500 Cypriot antiquities. Demetrios Pierides privately started collecting archaeological findings in 1839. Through time, the collection has been enriched by the five generations of the family that followed. The exhibition is housed in an 1815 colonial mansion that belongs to the Pierides family. Finally, in 1974 the family opened its doors to the public, welcoming visitors to gain insight on the island’s culture and history through their private collection. Visitors are transported back through the ages starting from the Neolithic Period, to the Chalkolithic Period, the Geometric and Archaic to the Classical, Hellenistic as well as Roman and Byzantine eras. Apart from the fascinating exhibition, one can also view authentic Cypriot and East Mediterranean maps as well as a unique Roman and Hellenistic glassware collection.