Spa Facilities

Relaxation is a demanding quest, therefore there is only one path to choose. Indulge in a relaxing and stress relieving spa experience at Lordos Beach Hotel’s Spa Facilities.

Treat your body to a sauna or steam bath and pamper it with a professional massage, or visit our beauty salon which will soon have you looking good and feeling great. The heated indoor pool ensures that you don’t miss your swim in the winter, all the while enjoying its warm and peaceful serenity.

Spa Treatment

The treatment consists of gentle and calming strokes and targets to a total body relaxation by using different therapeutic techniques built on your individual needs.
Focusing on the spine, aiming on decreasing chronic pain by improving the blood circulation to the muscle tissues, relieving tension through firm pressure and stretching techniques.
Recommended for soothing specific complaints such as headaches, neck or shoulder stiffness.
Starting with a warm up massage, followed by special volcanic heated stones applied on the muscles, leaving you with a general feeling of warmth and relaxation on your whole body.
Initiating with a start up massage covering the whole area of the foot and exercising pressure on specific points connected to various organs of the body.

Face and Body treatments

A full body scrub for cleansing your skin, feeling refreshed and balanced from tip to toes.
A basic care treatment consisting of peeling of the area, a facial mask to provide nutrients to the skin, ending with a moisturizing massage.
In addition to peeling, steaming helps in opening of the skin pores aiming in deeper cleansing of pollutants and black heads. Serum and mask is applied and the treatment is finished with a gentle effleurage massage technique.
A gentle massage session to increase collagen production and decrease the signs of fatigue on the face using pure Argan oil.
If all that sun and sea water has dehydrated your skin, this is the treatment for you. As of all the facial treatments, peeling is initiated scrubbing off dead skin cells. A hydro peel-off mask is applied and the session ends with serum addition and toning massage.
If you want the best, this is the absolute beauty experience, a facial treatment using top of the line skin care products, SOTHYS PARIS.

Nail treatments

Pedicure Spa

Soaking the feet in water, gently peeling the skin and removing the cuticles, followed by shaping of the nails and removing of the hard skin alongside with a relaxing feet massage. The session ends with a nail polish of your choice.

Spa Treatments

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