Ether Spa & Wellness

Recently renovated to cater to the exquisite needs of our residents, the Ether Wellness & Spa is an intimate retreat, a haven of comfort designed to relax your mind and body. Our treatments and therapies are customized to elevate your spa experience, whether you decide to go for the individual treatments or opt for our couples’ sessions! Envelop yourself into the care of our professional massage therapists and let us take the stress away, giving you an unparalleled experience.

In its mission to ensure residents get the perfect holistic rejuvenation, the Ether Spa and Wellness also offers ice treatments, to soothe aches, pains and revitalize your body and mind.

Once you are done with your day of pampering, finish the whole experience by taking the time to unwind in our remodeled relaxation room. The perfect end to a perfect day!

Enjoy your spa time like never before at the Ether Spa and Wellness and infuse your daily routine with a dash of the high life!

Sauna & Steam bath

Refreshed and rejuvenated, you can now indulge yourself to all the other luxury amenities offered by Lordos Beach Hotel & Spa! Have a relaxing sauna and steam bath followed by a cool, refreshing dip in our indoor swimming pool, before you head out to have a game of tennis or ride the waves taking a pick by our selection of water sports. There is always something to do at Lordos Beach Hotel & Spa and we are more than happy to serve you!


A variety of water-based activities are offered at the Lordos Beach Hotel & Spa. Our outdoor pool is a tropical waterscape of pleasure with its cascades, waterfall and paddling pool designed to satisfy swimmers of all levels.

To complete the experience, our indoor pool is available for a swim any time of the year

Indoor Pool

If you prefer to remain indoors, our indoor pool & Jacuzzi ensures that you don’t miss your swim.

The hotel allows access to a beautiful, temperature-controlled inside pool (according the weather conditions), with our friendly staff always by your side! And while inside, make sure to enjoy a relaxing session at our jacuzzi, to ease the tension and take the weight of the day away!


Revitalize and relax with a vigorous massage that is recommended for muscle fatigue. Helps to increase the blood circulation and unwind muscle tension.
Perfect silhouette! Treatment that works against heaviness, thanks to the SVELTE Essenciales Marine Oil. With woody notes, it has purifying properties and provides the body with lightness.
Enjoy your favorite full body massage in our couple’s suite simultaneously with your friend or partner.
Special for boys and girls aged 5 to 16 years. Gentle massage for the muscles and joints.
*Always in the presence of an adult.

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Facial Treatments

An advanced programme, with great effectiveness, that emulates surgical lifting providing a global result of rejuvenation, the oval redefines its contours. With cosmetic technology that reinvents the lifting thanks to V-Matrix, a complex develops to give a solution to the loss of suppleness and firmness.
An “infusion of beauty” for all ages and needs, combined with the beauty “instrument” roll n’ lift pre- mium lift massage.Recover your skin from daily stress, work against the harmful effect of free radicals preventing premature ageing with a “lifting effect” in record time! Vitality and luminosity if you are 30, firmness and hydration if you are 40 and density and nutrition if you are 50. Always young!
Suitable for aging skins. In only 60 minutes, the fine lines of skin fade and small wrinkles are reduced. The skin rediscovers its firmness. It feels fresher, softer and more supple. Over time, both the length and the depth of deep wrinkles are reduced. Suitable as a flash effect for anyone who wants an imme- diate result. Brilliant after a long night or before a special occasion!
Free your skin of emotional stress and daily fatigue. Deep facial hydration ideal for skin with great sensi- tivity to emotions based on extracts of roses and plants. White Rose, Polar Rose, Black Rose, Nepal Rose, Galic Rose, Tulsi from India and a Hydro-Protective complex hydrate and soothe the skin extraordinarily.
Skin is continuously damaged by UV rays, pollution and stress. This facial treatment restores and purifies instantly suffocated skin, revitalises it and restores its splendour. Its specific mask contains pure vital clay and a powerful enzymatic complex.
Suitable for all skin types. Once the skin is deeply cleansed, restoring the skin’s level of hydration, becomes an essential task.

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Nail treatments

Pedicure Spa

Soaking the feet in water, gently peeling the skin and removing the cuticles, followed by shaping of the nails and removing of the hard skin alongside with a relaxing feet massage. The session ends with a nail polish of your choice.

Spa Treatments

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