A Look Back at 40 Years of Lordos History

We are celebrating our 40th Anniversary, and want you to celebrate along with us. Join us as we cast our minds back in time to revisit 4 decades of excellence, hospitality, and never-ending sunshine! Ready to take on the challenge & win a one night stay for two at Lordos Beach Hotel? Scroll down memory lane, see how we changed and grew through the years, and go forth to play our Pair Matching Game!

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April 1st,1979

Lordos Beach Hotel
Opens its doors for
the first time.


At the pinnacle of the Civil War in Lebanon the refugees, both Muslims & Christians, found shelter at Lordos Beach Hotel. Some families remained at Lordos Beach Hotel for months, with the youngest of them keeping memories of Lordos Beach Hotel as their childhood home away from home. To date, the families and their next generations keep visiting Lordos Beach Hotel consistently.


The first ever renovations of the hotel took place. We renovated the Rooms, Lobby & Bar.


The hotel was elevated with the construction of a brand new indoor pool.


Lordos is growing. Two pools are fully renovated and two new pools are added.


Committed to the tradition of Cyprus famous hospitality, the hotel renovates its rooms once more, to offer the best possible stay to its guests.

To represent the refreshed Lordos Beach Hotel, the logo is redesigned with a modern approach, whilst keeping the classical feel of the previous logo.


Lordos Beach Hotel is expanding.

- The Kids’ Castle & Pool make their first appearance welcoming the youngest guests during the summer months.

- Renovations of Conference Room & Bar


Ahead of Cyprus joining the EU, Lordos Beach Hotel undergoes major renovations.

- Safety Measures are upgraded to fully meet EU regulations

- Technological Upgrades take place all over the hotel

- New Room Types & Mini Suites

- Full Kitchen Renovation

- Restaurant Renovations & New Buffet


Never ceasing to evolve, Lordos Beach Hotel continues with renovations to provide its clients with the best possible stay. Oceanis restaurant, along with the terrace, undergo a major change to reflect the hotel’s new brand identity.


Within this year, Lordos Beach continued with renovations. The lobby was given a modern, more colourful look, followed by a new bar, an upgraded conference room, the new Atlantis Kitchen & Live Cooking and the new terrace.


With the renovations almost finished, it was time to renovate the rooms. The work started with the complete renovation of the 5th floor, which took a year.


With all room renovations done, only the final touch remained; Lordos Beach upgraded its Spa and Gym facilities to complete its transformation into the top-line hotel that is today!

Thank you for taking this journey with us!

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